About OmniGen Research

OmniGen Research was formed in 2002 as a Limited Liability Corporation by Steve Puntenney and Neil Forsberg. In his practice as a dairy nutritionist, Dr. Puntenney had developed OmniGen-AF and found it to have efficacy in dairy cattle. Dr. Forsberg contributed his expertise by identifying specific mechanisms of action of Steve’s invention.

Based on their work, Prince Agri Products licensed the formula to OmniGen-AF and began selling the product in the United States in 2004. Soon thereafter, sales began internationally in Mexico and Canada. Now OmniGen-AF, its sister product (NutraGen) and derivatives of the original formula (OmniGen-WYC and OmniGen Green Formula) are sold throughout the world. Revenues from the sales of these products are used primarily to develop improvements in the formula and to develop additional products that benefit animal health.

An adjunct of the research effort is the diagnostic support that the main OmniGen Research labs provide to the livestock industry. Molds and yeasts commonly infect feedstuffs and nutritionists/veterinarians need to know what types of contaminating species are present in feeds. OmniGen Research provides this diagnostic support on a fee for service basis. Commonly-assayed molds include Aspergillus and Penicillium species.

OmniGen Research maintains a research laboratory in Corvallis, Oregon, and an 80-acre research farm located south of Corvallis. The laboratory focuses on molecular biology and immunology. The research farm includes housing for cattle with 40 Calan gates, a rodent facility and feed extraction/development equipment.