Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase or obtain technical information about OmniGen Research products?

You can order any of the OmniGen repertoire of products through your Prince Agri Products representative, by emailing us at If you need additional technical information about any of our products, please contact us at

What is in OmniGen-AF that makes it work?

OmniGen-AF (and related products) consist of carefully chosen ingredients that have been tested for their individual and combined effects in animal models. The combination and sources of these ingredients is proprietary.

How long does it take to elicit a change once OmniGen-AF is fed?

Several studies have been completed on the time required for OmniGen-AF to elicit changes in the biology of an animal. Typically, we recommend feeding for 30 days is required to elicit optimal effects. Studies have shown that its effects last as long as one year. Studies longer than this have not been completed.

What species does the product apply to?

So far, most use of the OmniGen-AF repertoire of products occurs in the dairy industry. However, we have received reports of its use in beef, dairy and avian species. We have also documented efficacy in rodents and sheep.

What does OmniGen-AF cost?

Cost depends on species and amounts purchased. Your Prince or Phibro sales representative can give you an estimate of costs based on your needs.

In which countries is OmniGen-AF available?

OmniGen-AF is available in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia, The Middle East and Europe.

Can I use OmniGen-AF on my organic operation?

No. But, we have developed an OmniGen-Green formula that is OMRI-certified and is enjoying wide application on US organic dairies. This only became available in late-2010.