The following publications are from OmniGen Research founders and scientists. Linked titles are available as a PDF.

  1. Use of Gene Profiling To Evaluate The Effects of a Feed Additive On Immune Function In Periparturient Dairy Cattle
  2. Nutritional Modulation of Innate Immunity: Practical Approaches and Mechanisms by Which a Feed Supplement Augments Neutrophil Function
  3. Influence of Stress and Nutrition on Cattle Immunity
  4. Learning More About How Cows Resist Disease
  5. New Findings On Jejunal Hemorrhagic Syndrome
  6. Nutrition And Immunity In Dairy Cattle: Implications To Hemorrhagic Bowel Syndrome
  7. Mycotoxins & Immunotoxicity
  8. Identification of the Mechanisms By Which OmniGen-AF, A Nutritional Suppliment, Augments Immune Function In Ruminant Livestock


Mycotic Infections in Livestock

Livestock are susceptible to mycotic infections. A recent survey found mycotic GI lesions in 5% of slaughter cattle with the most common infecting pathogens being A. fumigatus and C. albicans. *